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February 17, 2020 / Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There are a number of theory and frameworks used in the analysis of any company or venture. We can gain...
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February 16, 2020 / Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment, Turbulence

The first 40 days of 2020

So there is no doubt that the year 2020 has so far, delivered more turbulence than ever before, out-of-control fires,...
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February 16, 2020 / Entrepreneurship, Investment

A significant business opportunity

So what makes a good opportunity? In this short article, we expand on the opportunity and the process of selecting...
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February 15, 2020 / Investment, Project Finance

Project Finance

When it comes to Project Finance, if you need the cash yesterday, please do not apply. Project Finance is precise...
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February 15, 2020 / Entrepreneurship

Principals and Principles

Back in 2002, I wrote a short paper on Entrepreneurship. I created quite a stir, when I got in front...
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February 9, 2020 / City of Meishan

Meishan Assistance

In September 2019, Aulisone organised a trade delegation to visit the City of Meishan and we attended the 2019 International...
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September 29, 2019 / Bamboo, Chengdu, Daoming

Visit to Daoming

We traveled to Daoming,to a small community of artists and bamboo artisans, just outside of Chengdu. A beautiful experience awaited...
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September 28, 2019 / ARIBI, Bamboo, Chengdu, City of Meishan

Australian Delegation to Meishan

Together with The Australian Research Institute for Bamboo Industry (ARIBI), Aulisone organised a trade delegation to visit the City of...
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September 21, 2019 / Cheng Cheng Capital, Investment, MoU, News, One Belt Road

Cheng Cheng Capital

On the 21st of September 2019 the Aulisone team visited the beautiful city of Huichang. On this day, we had the...
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September 20, 2019 / Cheng Cheng Capital, Huichang, Investment


We spent the weekend in a city with a population of about 520,000 to meet Chairman of Cheng Cheng Capital...
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