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Visit to Daoming

We traveled to Daoming,to a small community of artists and bamboo artisans, just outside of Chengdu. A beautiful experience awaited the Australian delegation as we toured the beautifully crafted buildings.

A place of true creativity and design, zen and peace. Daoming Bamboo Village located in Chengdu, the capital city of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, has practiced bamboo knitting for more than 2,000 years, and villagers have made a living from traditional bamboo techniques. We were privy to some great design concepts and had the opportunity to discuss bilateral ties relating to design and investment.

(photo courtesy of Terry Dear)
Idyllic (photo courtesy of Terry Dear)

Australian Delegation to Meishan

Together with The Australian Research Institute for Bamboo Industry (ARIBI), Aulisone organised a trade delegation to visit the City of Meishan and surroundings. We attended the 2019 International Bamboo Industry Fair, held in Sichuan Province.

Bamboo Connects the World, the 2019 International Bamboo Industry Fair

(photo courtesy Terry Dear)

Sichuan is a key producer of bamboo, and Meishan has a total forest area of 4.5 million mu ( almost 3 billion square metres), which equates to a forest cover of almost 50 percent. There are more than 100 species of bamboo in the area, but a favourite is the “Dragon Bamboo”, a giant of the forest which can grow as fast as 1.5 metres overnight.

Bamboo has many uses, although we first looked at it for Carbon Sequestration, it is an ideal plant for cities as it generates greater amounts of oxygen per square metre than an average tree, and makes it ideal for rooftop buildings. Bamboo has traditional uses in paper, furniture, art, weaving, textiles , however, it is the high tech applications which show promise, particularly in carbon fibre, graphene, batteries, and biofuel.


Meishan is indeed a beautiful place, and the birthplace of a poet known as Dong Po. The culture is intrinsically linked to bamboo, the essence of Meishan is everything bamboo. To be told that ” one would rather not eat meat, than to go without bamboo” is a very special saying here.

During this visit we were hosted by the Mayor of the city where we held talks on the potential collaboration between Meishan and Melbourne.

(photo courtesy Terry Dear)


It was a great pleasure to be hosted by the local government of Shuangliu and discuss potential trade and cultural exchanges between Shuangliu and Melbourne.

Australian Delegates to Shuangliu

International Gateway Hub

Chengdu is ideally situated in the centre of China and has a long history of over 2,300 years rich in culture and traditions. Over 40 universities are located here providing a rich source for innovation and research. A number of industries are a major strength here, including bio-industry, electronics and IT, green energy, and aviation.

Shiangliu is an important part of Chengdu’s central urban area and it is the biggest aviation hub in inland China. Shiangliu International Airport is ranked no. 30 in the world and 4th in China.

Chengdu and Shiangliu are developing an Aviation Oriented Industry, with major interests in having aviation based international trade, airport based international business centre, a ‘hub’ oriented aviation service, and the development of an international airport business district.

International Bamboo Industry Development Summit

CHENGDU – A thriving and exciting bamboo industry in the Sichuan province.

We were delighted to participate in the Australian Delegation to the China (Yibin) International Bamboo Industry Development Summit & Trade Fair.

Last year, the output value of the bamboo industry totaled 14.9 billion yuan (USD $2.15 billion) in Sichuan’s Yibin city, which accounted for 32.4 percent of the province’s total.

The local government has decided to invest 100 million yuan each year in the following three years to support the development of the industry.This year, the output value from more than 226,667 hectares of bamboo forests in Yibin is expected to jump to 21 billion yuan, according to the summit.

Australian Delegation to Yibin
Delegation Executives attending the VIP Gala Dinner (photo courtesy DLX Creative)

ARIBI Members and Delegates speech and awards of thanks and appreciation. It was a very fruitful trip and a revelation of the bamboo industry and applications.