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International Bamboo Industry Development Summit

CHENGDU – A thriving and exciting bamboo industry in the Sichuan province.

We were delighted to participate in the Australian Delegation to the China (Yibin) International Bamboo Industry Development Summit & Trade Fair.

Last year, the output value of the bamboo industry totaled 14.9 billion yuan (USD $2.15 billion) in Sichuan’s Yibin city, which accounted for 32.4 percent of the province’s total.

The local government has decided to invest 100 million yuan each year in the following three years to support the development of the industry.This year, the output value from more than 226,667 hectares of bamboo forests in Yibin is expected to jump to 21 billion yuan, according to the summit.

Australian Delegation to Yibin
Delegation Executives attending the VIP Gala Dinner (photo courtesy DLX Creative)

ARIBI Members and Delegates speech and awards of thanks and appreciation. It was a very fruitful trip and a revelation of the bamboo industry and applications.