Sep 20, 2019


We spent the weekend in a city with a population of about 520,000 to meet Chairman of Cheng Cheng Capital (“CHCH“), Mr. Cao Qingwei. where they have several investments, a lovely place, beautiful and peaceful Huichang. 

Huichang county is located in the southeast of Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, bordering Wuping and Changting to the southeast, Xunwu to the south, Anyuan to the southwest, Yudu to the northwest and Ruijin to the northeast. With a length of 85 kilometres and a width of 56 kilometres, it is the key junction of Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong. 

Beautiful City of Huichang

We had a tour of three of their investments, in vacuum glass production, aquaculture, and hot house agriculture. The aquaculture is intense growing with the bio-waste fed into the hothouse as nutrients for the plants. The vacuum glass creates a thermal, UV and sound barrier and works to keep energy usage low.

Intensive Indoor Aquaculture
Hothouse Growing Vegetables

CHCH has a number of Funds, including the  Huichang Chengcheng Industrial Development Fund which was jointly established by CHCH and Huichang Forestry Investment Company (which is wholly-owned by the Huichang Government).

Focus of the Fund is on e-commerce platform enterprises, precision poverty alleviation projects, ecological forestry, cultural tourism, leisure pension, oil tea industry, agricultural and forestry products processing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new industries, “Internet +” and other related industries, as well as PPP projects, P2G projects and foundations Facilities construction.

Vacuum Glass (photo courtesy of CHCH)