Meishan Assistance

Feb 9, 2020

Meishan Assistance

In September 2019, Aulisone organised a trade delegation to visit the City of Meishan and we attended the 2019 International Bamboo Industry Fair, held in Sichuan Province.

It is with some fond memories that we recall our Delegation’s visit, where we had first-hand experience of the warm hospitality of the people of Sichuan Province, rich in customs and history, and natural beauty around us and in the people. Personally, I never felt more welcomed in China, than that time in Meishan.

In this particularly difficult time for the people in China, they are foremost in our minds, and it is in times like these that we need to reach out to each other and find a way to support them. The Corona virus does not discriminate and affects everyone of us, they are nearer to ground zero when compared to us in Australia, that is why we need to do what we can to help them fight this outbreak and stop the spread of the virus.

Aulisone will be organising medical supplies, N95 disposable surgical masks, positive pressure head covers, isolation masks, goggles, gloves, disposable coveralls to be sent directly to Chengdu for the City of Meishan. We also learned recently that China Southern Airlines will provide free transportation to freight supplies into major cities (excluding Wuhan). We currently seek the assistance of donors, suppliers, companies and individuals who may assist.

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